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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Top 5 Luxury Helicopters

1 - The EC 135

The EC 135 is the highest in the list when it comes to comfort, luxury and design. Created by the collaboration of Eurocopter and Hermès, it is focussed entirely on the needs of the high-net worth individual. The Helicopter holds a spacious cabin where four people can sit in pure comfort alongside lateral sliding doors and storage space.

With an interior by Hermès, the EC 135 Helicopter has been covered in Toile H with naturally resistant calf leather in the handcrafted seats and upholstery. With air central air conditioning and easy access for VIP\'s, the EC 135 is designed entirely for the comfort of the passenger.

2 - The Bell 206 Jet Ranger

With more than 6,000 flying all over the world, the Bell 206 Jet Ranger is one of the most popular helicopters available. The Bell Jet Ranger holds the highest safety record of any helicopter alongside low operating costs and its high performance and reliability.

Loved for its safety and mission ready reliability, the Bell 206 Jet Ranger also holds outstanding resale value as well as being inherently easier to fly than most helicopters

3 - The Sikorsky S-92

Sikorsky is world-renowned for revolutionary aviation models and versatile helicopters; the Sikorsky S-92 VVIP Configuration is designed as a multi-mission aircraft, the S-92 can be configured as pleased with seat customisation, toilet and even shower possibilities.

Voted as one of the safest helicopters by the Federal Aviation Authority in the USA, the S-92 is capable of 190mph top speed for up to 539nm.

4 - The Sikorsky S-76C

The S-76C is a proven Helicopter which continues to evolve to market demands, offering luxury aboard her quiet and comfortable cabin interiors with Sikorsky’s established focus on safety and superior mission versatility. The Sikorsky S-76 Model has can be kitted out for a luxury flight for an important client.

Powered by dual Turbomeca Arriel 2S2 engines, the Sikorsky S-76C can achieve just over 178mph with a 411nm range. She holds a comfortable cabin which spans 2.41m in length, 1.93m in width and 1.35m in height, holding 12-13 passengers.

5: The MD 600N

The MD 600N is an eight-seated, light, single turbine engine helicopter with high performance and an increased measure of versatility. I

ts dramatically low operating costs paired with its performance make this helicopter a focal model. The MD 600N can fly faster than the MD 500 and provides exceptional agility and handling.


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