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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia

Marking a dramatic departure from Ferrari’s latest offerings to the world of supercars, the 458 Italia represents a massive forward-leap in mid-rear engine sports cars.

To be unveiled at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, the 458 Italia showcases Ferrari’s latest vision in mid-rear engine berlinetta; a totally new vehicle from engine and design to aerodynamics and handling.

Named for the Prancing Horse’s homeland as well as the traditional displacement and number of cylinders figure, the two-seater Italia focuses on creating as harmonic a relationship between driver and car as possible.
The car features an innovative driving environment with a new brand of dashboard and steering wheel born from a wealth of racing experience that included input from racing great Michael Schumacher.

Ferrari describes the 458 Italia as having a Pininfarina design; a compact and aerodynamic shape that highlights the car’s lightness, efficiency and simplicity. Mid-rear mounted in the vehicle is a direct injection 4499 cc V8 engine that delivers 570 CV at 9000rpm with a 127 CV per litre power output. Maximum torque is 540Nm at 6000rpm and the car is driven via seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

The interior characterizes the Italia’s sporty personality with an ergonomic layout with the main controls clustered on the steering wheel. And of course, the 458 Italia plays that traditional Ferrari soundtrack as a powerful growl channels from the engine through to the exhaust.

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