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Thursday, 16 December 2010

In search for the private fixer delivering ultra luxury to the wealthy elite

For the super-rich, those for whom the financial industry has coined the acronym UHNWI (ultra-high-net-worth individuals). the goalposts in the world of Luxury are forever moving. Where once you could rest assured that access to the finest goods was the prerogative of the privileged few, thanks to rising wealth and fractional ownership schemes, even private jets and super yachts have been placed within the affordability bracket of many a healthy bank balance.

For the wealthy elite it has meant that the pursuit of exclusivity has become the kingpin of luxury and obtaining the unattainable has become the ultimate prize. Thankfully, a plethora of modern-day miracle workers are on hand and teams of advisers and private fixers for whom catering to the whims and desires of the ubber rich has become a full—time role.


The hotel concierge has, and always will he, the keeper of an infinite number of contacts able to secure a table in London’s most difficult to book restaurants or deliver money-can’t-buy experiences. But this style of personal service is extending well beyond the confines of the concierge desk, spawning a generation of lifestyle managers keen to facilitate the seemingly impossible for those with money to burn.

Ifzaal Khan is one such entrepreneur a private fixer who caters to the demands of international high society, working either privately or publicly on their behalf. “We represent an elite range of clients, including foreign rulers, billionaires, royalty, ultra-high-net-worth individuals, trusts and private families,” reveals Khan. ‘We are fully committed to protecting the privacy of our clients and their families at all times and our services are based on complete trust and discretion,” he adds. Indeed, such is the confidential nature of Khan’s role, that even those working for his company, Perfect Knowledge, only know the highest profile clients by a pin code.

Khan can act as a client’s agent or broker in any situation, and with contacts in establishments and companies around the world, he is able to facilitate whatever a client’s brief demands — be that finding a £20 million property or selling a Picasso. Our services include representing a family’s private interests, the growth and confidentiality of their personal life, seeking solutions to problems, as well as obtaining expert guidance and acting as a private third party.” Perhaps one of the most interesting services available at Perfect Knowledge is the personal courtier and private family office.

As a private courtier, Khan’s private fixers act as trusted advisors, Royal Family Management, guardians and chaperones on a short or long-term basis to international clients visiting the UK. The personal courier service meanwhile ensures the safe transit and hand-delivery of sensitive documents or very expensive pieces of jewellery, wherever the client is in the world. For the privileged, total peace of mind is guaranteed.

“I once had a request from a Qatari prince who wanted me to take two antiques clocks he had just bought from Harrods to his palace in Qatar The two clocks cost £350,000 each and money was no object in ensuring I could take them to Qatar for him that day, (Tel: ++44 (0) 207 471 4885) or

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